The horses

All of our 5 horses were born and reared in Greece. The native breed, called Dopia, has been used here in farming and for transport since ancient times.









It is very important for me to ensure the best well being for my horses in mind and body, therefore they live outside all year in their most natural environment.









Our horses are steady, sure-footed and reliable,
which makes them perfect for children and adults
(up to 95kgs/200lbs/18 stones), whether beginners
or experienced riders.










Our oldest horse is Mira who was born in 1991.
She is an Arravani pony and is a gaited horse. She has been with me since I first arrived in Greece. Having had many experiences together we are really very close to each other.
Very light riders enjoy her trustworthy guided experience whether riding in the arena or a comfortable walk.





Kassandra, born in 1996, is our only brown horse.
Even though she is our smallest pony, she is the most determint in the herd.
Nonetheless she is gentle and patient with her small riders.






Feisty Dschingis Khan was born in 2000. He is well suited for more experienced riders.
Being the only male in the group he knows how to impress!
Behind his macho behaviour, he is very sensible and enjoys close contact with the riders.
He also knows when he needs to behave.





Lea, who was born in 2004, instinctively doesn’t trust unknown people. She came to me after having some unfortunate bad experiences. But when riding she is very sensitive and cooperative and likes to lead the hacks.







Moana, born with us in 2010, is Lea’s daughter!
She is very affectionate, loves to be touched and she really enjoys being caressed and returns the love.
She is the darling of lots of children. Being ridden she is a very reliable and willing horse.