Five day long riding weeks




This is an opportunity to learn about every aspect of horsemanship, from handling, grooming, tacking up and riding. Try out our 5 day riding weeks for either novice or experienced riders.








“Discover the world of horses” –

a riding week for novices





For 5 days we will spend anywhere between 2 – 3,5 hrs with our four legged friends, discovering the world of horses.


We start off with an introduction on our wooden horse Pegasus, who will help you sit in a relaxed, balanced and comfortable way before you get onto a real horse! We will continue with step by step exercises in our arena or out on short hacks.


The highlight on the final day will be a hack out to Vigla for a picnic.




“Explore the Messinian Landscape” –  

a riding week for experienced riders





The first day will be spent getting to know your horse in the arena as well as a short ride out in the country side. The following 4 days we explore my favourite places well off the beaten track. How about a picnic to Lefka or would you prefer a moonlit hack? Why not both?
These rides are for riders that know how to sit softly and safely and are comfortable with the movement of the horse.


Time spent with the horses each day will be anywhere between 2.5 – 5 hrs.