Riding lessons



My goal with the education of leisure riders is that horse and rider move in a union of movement, so you can experience how joyful it is to feel „one“ with the horse.


As a result I focus on the partnership dialogue alongside and on the horse, and on teaching a safe, relaxed but athletic posture. Gymnastic exercises and games help you centre in the hips, follow trustfully the movements of the horse and learn to allow the horse to take you with it. You will improve your body awarness through being encouraged by your horse.



This awareness of the movement of yourself and your horse moving together is the requirement to acitvate your horse by using ever-finer seat and leg aids.










As a prerequisite for independent riding, you will also learn how to create a positive connection by grooming and massaging your horse and leading by hand. Whilst on foot you will become intune of your horse’s reactions and you can learn a lot about your 4 legged companion, but also about yourself.


The riding lessons take place in the arena surrounded by trees. Occasionally we also go up into the hills nearby. Normally I teach 1 or 2 riders per lesson, so I can provide a holistic experience to each rider.


Being with a horse will make you aware of the meaning of personal space, body language, trust, fondness, fear and more.

A connection with an animal will open you up to breakthroughs in your own life.

Try it !