Explore on horseback accompanied by horse

 for experienced riders


In small groups with a maximum of 4 people we will wind through the ever changing landscape of Messinia.



All of our horses are safe, sensible and are ridden bit free.

The tempo of the hack will depend on the riders amount of experience and their comfort (I.e. Sitting softly with the movement and feeling safe with the horse). The safety of the terrain and the temperature is also taken into consideration.



To ensure that both, horse and rider, have a mutually enjoyable experience the rider must be no more than 85kg/13 stones.


A professional guide always accompanies each ride.







Before your first ride with us, you will have a 30 mins orientation in our riding arena in order for you and your horse to become familiar with one another. This will also be an opportunity for you to learn about my riding style and test the reactions of your horse in the event there is a difficult situation during the hack.



For all hacks, you will have 30 mins to groom your horse.








You can chose between the following rides:


On our 1 and/or 2 hour hacks experienced riders can discover hidden paths, olive groves and the rough and wild landscape of Messinia with its breathtaking views. Our greek horses will carry you away from well trodden touristic paths.




Moonlit ride through the mountains

Join us for an unforgettable, magical moonlit night ride on our safe horses over the mountain landscape.
This 2 hrs experience takes place a few days before the full moon and approximately 1,5 hrs will be on horseback.






Discovering Vigla

How did the Greek rural population live 50 yrs ago? Why are so many Greek villages in ruins? Walking through the ruined village of Vigla you will experience real history. Our horses carry both, young and older adventurers to Vigla with its abandoned farm houses, patios and big church. We can refresh ourselves at the fountain.

This experience will take approximately 4,5 hrs. including the orientation at our farm






Breakfast in Lefka

During the months between September to June, ride with us up the Likodimo mountain to the ruined village of Lefka. There we can savour the special atmosphere and the breathtaking view, while eating a typical Greek farmers breakfast with cheese and olives.

This experience will take 5-6 hrs of which 3,5 hrs will be on horseback.